Pregnancy Health Benefits—5 Fun Facts

Pregnancy Health Benefits—5 Fun Facts

Did you know there are several health benefits of pregnancy? While there are many changes our bodies will go through while pregnant, there are also several pregnancy health benefits that could positively impact your body, long after you deliver your baby. Here’s Five Fun Facts about potential pregnancy benefits we thought you might like to know. 

1. Easier Periods May Occur, a Definite Pregnancy Health Benefit

Many women experience more manageable periods after childbirth. Say hello to less cramps! As stated by the Mayo Clinic, “Menstrual cramps that aren’t caused by another condition tend to lessen with age and often improve after giving birth.” Source

2. Lower Risk of Some Cancers Linked to Pregnancy Health

Women who have been pregnant may experience a decreased chance of being affected by certain types of cancer, such as breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer. This is because tumor cells can divide and increase when there is more exposure to estrogen and progesterone in your body.

Those hormones become more prevalent in your body when you ovulate. And since you don’t ovulate when you’re pregnant, the chances of exposure to estrogen and progesterone decreases. Source

Plus, if you decide to breastfeed, that can also reduce your risk of having breast cancer. Studies show that breast cells undergo certain changes in the breastfeeding process that makes them more resistant to transforming into cancer cells. Source

3. Pregnancy Health Benefits an Increased Sex Drive

With all the hormone changes that come along with pregnancy, one of the benefits can be an increase in your sex drive. Testosterone and estrogen are the sex hormones produced by your growing baby, so when you have those flooding your body, plus the progesterone that naturally ramps up during pregnancy, you may experience a significant boost in your sex drive.

During delivery, some of the prostaglandin receptors in the uterus are no longer present. These receptors are known to be involved in producing severe menstrual pains, so as they decrease in numbers, the amount of pain experienced during the menstrual cycle will reduce. Source

4. In your first and second trimesters, there’s ample blood flow going all throughout your pelvic region, which in turn makes everything more sensitive. So you may be able to orgasm more quickly and/or more frequently. Source

Oxytocin is the hormone that produces a warm and fuzzy feeling, and it is typically increased with physical touch, specifically of the nurturing kind – like holding and caring for your new baby. So as it turns out all those baby snuggles are scientifically proven to make you a happier version of yourself. Source

Now don’t get stressed out if you don’t feel warm and fuzzy all the time. While motherhood has its joys, we all know it is a challenging job too. We’re here for you if you need to talk anytime! You are not alone!

5. A Happier You

Of course, all of these fun facts are generalizations based on studies, but with every generalization comes outliers. There are no 2 people that will experience the same thing, but based on the research it is likely you may experience some of these benefits from pregnancy.

To sum it up, there are many health benefits of being pregnant and delivering a baby.

And the majority of these benefits last well-beyond your pregnancy. This information is for your education and fun. It is not intended to diagnose treat or recommend any course of action. Please see your doctor for any medical advice you may be needing.

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