Abortion Recovery


Welcome to PATH (Post Abortion Treatment & Healing), a community that offers hope and healing to women and men who have been negatively impacted by abortion.

If you or someone you love are hurting from an abortion experience, please contact us to help you begin your healing journey.

abortion recovery

We would like to speak with you to discuss PATH’s healing programs, as well as answer any questions you may have.

We can be reached at 404-717-5557 or you can email [email protected]. Our Spanish line is 470 258-3433 or you can email [email protected].

ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. We offer one-on-one mentoring, abortion recovery retreats, Bible studies, Aftercare (ongoing support), and can provide you with other resources that you may find useful.

One-On-One Mentoring

The mentorship program may be the ideal place to begin your healing journey. A PATH mentor will provide a safe, confidential place for listening, sharing and praying together. The program lasts approximately 7 weeks, at which time options for your next steps will be discussed.

Abortion Recovery Retreats

A Rachel’s Vineyard retreat is an opportunity to examine your abortion experience, and identify the ways in which the loss has negatively impacted your life. The ripple effects of abortion run deep and these weekend retreats are open to anyone either involved or affected by abortion who are in search of peace and healing.

Bible Study

Our Bible Studies meet once a week for approximately 12 weeks in small groups. The study provides a safe and confidential environment in which to grieve and heal from the pain of your past. Classes are offered separately for both men and women. They are offered both virtually and in person, during the day or evening. The Bible Study is also available in Spanish.


PATH recognizes that healing is a lifelong journey. Our Aftercare program provides ongoing support for those who have attended our retreat and/or Bible study. The group’s purpose is to provide a safe, confidential place where we can share our thoughts, struggles and joys, offer and receive comfort, as we grow in our relationship with God. Aftercare is offered virtually once a month.


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