Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness

PAC’s Fertility Awareness program offers women and their partners a deeper understanding of the design of the female body and reproductive system. Based in Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) principles, the program arms women with information to help care for their bodies and provide natural options for family planning.


  • Fertility Awareness is integrated into PAC’s semester-long parenting classes and mini-course series. Topics include understanding your cycles, hormones and stress and family planning options. Sign up for classes here.


  • 1:1 sessions with our FEMM specialist or medical professionals are available, allowing for private conversations and personalized Q&A.

Personalized Coach

  • PAC offers 3-month, personalized coaching sessions to help women track their cycles and learn about intricacies of hormonal fluctuations and connection to whole-body health.

For more information about mentoring or personalized coaching, contact Sydney Morse at [email protected] You can download the Fertility Awareness Program brochure here.