Welcome to PATH, a community that offers hope and healing to men and women suffering after abortion.

If you or someone you love are hurting from an abortion experience, ​please contact us to help you begin your healing journey.

abortion recovery

We would like to speak with you to hear a bit of your story, to assess your greatest need with your healing, as well as answer questions you might have.  We can be reached at 404-717-5557 or you can email programdirector@pathatl.com.

Please be assured, ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. We offer one-on-one mentoring, abortion recovery retreats, Bible studies, aftercare and connection to resources to walk with you through this time.

One-On-One Mentoring

This is ideal for someone who may not be ready for an abortion recovery Bible Study or Retreat yet may need a safe place to tell their story with an understanding PATH Volunteer Mentor. The Mentor Program lasts for 4 weeks, which includes developing a rapport, listening, sharing and praying together.  At the end of the mentoring, they will then discuss options for what comes next in their healing journey.

Abortion Recovery Retreats

A Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat is a beautiful opportunity for any person who has struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of abortion. It is also an opportunity to surface and release any repressed feelings of anger, shame, guilt, and grief. The weekend is a chance to get away from the daily pressures to focus on the buried emotions of the past in light of present symptoms and begin healing through a supportive trauma sensitive process. The retreat experience will help your soul find a voice, and transform the pain of the past into hope and love.

Bible Study

Our weekly Bible Study provides an intimate and safe community in which any person who has been hurt by an abortion can grieve and grow. The Bible Study groups are only 3-4 participants and present a confidential and supportive environment for healing.


Here at PATH, we recognize this is a lifelong journey. This is why we provide Aftercare, a program to follow our retreat or Bible study as your life continues on. The group’s purpose is to provide a safe, confidential place where we can gather,  catch up with each other, talk openly and share about both our struggles and our joys we’re experiencing on our healing journey.