Pre-Abortion Screening

Are you considering the abortion pill or a medical abortion for your unexpected pregnancy?
Searching online, talking to friends, and an at home pregnancy test can only get you so far.

A medically based, in office pre-abortion screening will provide you with:

  • Medical verification of your pregnancy
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Confirmation of how many weeks you are into the pregnancy
  • Consultation with a medical professional to review your options

All of these services are completely free.

Medical verification of pregnancy and confirmation of how many weeks you are, will be a critical step in making your next decision.

Your appointment is completely confidential and completely free.

Our services are limited and do not include abortion pill or surgical abortion procedures. Your health and how you are cared for is priority. We cannot speak to other medical offices outside of our network, therefore we are not able to make a credible recommendation for a specific abortion provider. We do not refer to abortion providers because that is outside of the scope of service.

Schedule your free pre-abortion screening today.

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